Agmar SA is a private enterprise with over 30 years of experience that specializes in providing innovative solutions for telecommunication, power station, industry and IT. We depend on complex service, that consists of counseling, delivery, technical support and after sale service. Team of 180 specialists, who are experts on their job, is a solid foundation of the company. Thanks to their ideas and devoted work many of our solutions set new directions on market.


We are a team that makes a project relying on the methods, which were tested over the years, and new conceptions which let us to develop and strengthen our position on the market. We are still equipping our enterprise with new devices that makes it easier to introduce innovative solutions. Hence, we are looking for people who are interested in working with the experienced team and who are ready to be creative. For many of them working with new technologies may be a great possibility of development. We are looking for people who are optimists and like ambitious challenges.


Key ares of activity:


  • Development of products  – We employ professional engineers who are responsible for the whole process of introducing new products. It consists of preparing restrictions, doing a project, supervising the prototype and carrying out tests and experiments. People in this department have got a wide range of competences regarding mechanics, electrics, electronics and great knowledge of cooling systems.


  • Sale and commerce – Customers’ satisfaction is the highest priority for us, so our most important duty is to help the customer to solve all problems. Work in this department is an ideal occasion to go on frequent business trips within the country and abroad, an opportunity to take part in various trainings, business meetings and to cooperate with international partners.


  • Production engineering willingness of constant improvement and expanding the effectiveness are basic rules for candidates. Working in this team is a possibility of getting some knowledge and then introducing newer production technologies in sheets processing, welding, painting and integration.


We would like to invite all interested to get some additional information about our company. We encourage all candidates to send their applications on 


We are looking for someone on below vacancies:


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