About us


AGMAR is a family company with over 30 years of experience. Company headquarters and production line are located at Special Economic Zone in Mielec. Within the current product range, AGMAR S.A. offers its customers complex solutions of metal enclosures designed for telecommunication, power industry, IT and OEM’s manufacturers.




Agmar S.A. from the beginning of its existence has been taking care of the traditions based on supplying products of the highest quality. We understand the “quality” not only as delivering the highest standard of workmanship products, but also as constant improvement of its functionality and customers service. Cooperation with us is based on partner relationships and it’s easy at the every stage. Hence, our employees are always ready to help. Thanks to the experience gained over the years our R&D department is capable of selecting the best solution regarding customers’ requirements.

Depending on our standard products we project complete solutions very frequently. They are to provide appropriate environmental conditions for the working devices. Our company is responsible for delivery and installation of the devices and service as well.


The success of our company is thanks to ambitious and passionate people, who are experts on their work.


At work we are headed by such values:

  • We take care of our customers’ satisfaction
  • We are open towards new ideas
  • We believe in success
  • We work as a team


Our aim is to deliver well-done products, constant  improvement of their functionality and customers’ satisfaction as well.




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