1.     Steel screwed frame
2.     Front perforated door with a locking system*, equipped with semi-cylinder lock, door’s opening angle is 135° degrees
3.     Rear door perforated
4.     Solid screw-fastened side walls
5.     Top panel prepared for 6 fans with cable brush strip
6.     Leveling feet
7.     Front and rear profiles 19 ’’type “L”
8.     Grounding copper bar with complete set of cables
*Single-point locking system with neodymium magnets.

Dostępne warianty

Colour Catalogue number
RAL7035 BA031064210
RAL9005 BA032064210
RAL7035 BA031084210
RAL9005 BA032084210
RAL7035 BA031064510
RAL9005 BA032064510
RAL7035 BA031084510
RAL9005 BA032084510
RAL7035 BA031064710
RAL9005 BA032064710
RAL7035 BA031084710
RAL9005 BA032084710
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