Baying rails

1. Rails for baying enclosures in a row due to fastening from the enclosure’s front.

Material: made of hot-galvanized sheet steel of 2,0 mm thickness.

Scope of delivery: package contains 1 rail.


2. Kit for baying the enclosures

Material: hot-galvanized sheet steel of 2,5 mm thickness.

Scope of delivery: the package contains 6 fasteners.


3. Mixed baying

Further possibility of baying the enclosures is to use both methods of fastening. The rear side of the enclosure is bayed due to fasteners, front side of the enclosure with a front bar.

Dostępne warianty

Type Height (mm) Catalogue number
hinge-hinge 1200 HL010001200
hinge-hinge 1400 HL010001400
hinge-hinge 1600 HL010001600
hinge-hinge 1800 HL010001800
hinge-hinge 2000 HL010002000
hinge-hinge 2200 HL010002200
wall's gripper-wall's gripper 1200 HL020001200
wall's gripper-wall's gripper 1400 HL020001400
wall's gripper-wall's gripper 1600 HL020001600
wall's gripper-wall's gripper 1800 HL020001800
wall's gripper-wall's gripper 2000 HL020002000
wall's gripper-wall's gripper 2200 HL020002200
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