Door module

   Front door for the Isle of Cold was designed as a sliding glazed door.  This solution guarantees space saving and possibility of controlling devices from the outside.
Standard solution of sliding door was suited for 42U and 47U enclosures (with or without the plinth), corridor width 1000 mm or 1200 mm.

Dostępne warianty

Colour Catalogue number
RAL7035 NG111020
RAL9005 NG211020
RAL7035 NG111021
RAL9005 NG211021
RAL7035 NG111022
RAL9005 NG211022
RAL7035 NG111023
RAL9005 NG211023
RAL7035 NG111220
RAL9005 NG211220
RAL7035 NG111221
RAL9005 NG211221
RAL7035 NG111222
RAL9005 NG211222
RAL7035 NG111223
RAL9005 NG211223
RAL7035 NG112120
RAL9005 NG212120
RAL7035 NG112121
RAL9005 NG212121
RAL7035 NG112122
RAL9005 NG212122
RAL7035 NG112123
RAL9005 NG212123
RAL7035 NG122120
RAL9005 NG222120
RAL7035 NG122121
RAL9005 NG222121
RAL7035 NG122122
RAL9005 NG222122
RAL7035 NG122123
RAL9005 NG222123
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