Door with heat exchanger

Double-wall aluminum door with a fitted air/air heat exchanger. Regulation of the exchanger’s work temperature is recommended due to microprocessor controller manufactured by AGMAR SA - it enables to control the speed of PWM fan’s rotation. The controlling is possible by thermostat KTS as well (fans are working of maximum speed).

Exchanger’s efficiency: 80 W/K

Rated voltage: 48 VDC

Rated power: 187,2 W

Airflow: 14 m/h.

Scope of delivery: door with an assembly kit.

Dostępne warianty

For HB2 enclosures of height (mm) For HB2 enclosures of width (mm) Catalogue number
1500 700 CC031071500
1500 900 CC031091500
1750 700 CC031071700
1750 900 CC031091700
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