Exchangeable gland module plates

Exchangeable elements for multi-piece gland plate made of zinc-plated sheet steel of 1,5 mm thickness. Available in solid version, with filter mat, with brush strip or a cut-out for glands FL21 type. Mounting of the gland plate possible due to fastening with one screw. Gland plate with solid modules sealed up to IP55.

Scope of delivery: package contains 1 pcs.

Dostępne warianty

Bottom panel's type Dimensions of the bottom panels (mm) Width of enclosure’s frame (mm) Catalogue number
solid M1 600 HG020060000
solid M1 800 HG020080000
solid M1 1000 HG020100000
solid M1 1200 HG020120000
solid M2 600 HG030060000
solid M2 800 HG030080000
solid M2 1000 HG030100000
solid M2 1200 HG030120000
solid M3 600 HG040060000
solid M3 800 HG040080000
solid M3 1000 HG040100000
solid M3 1200 HG040120000
with filter mat M2 600 HG050060000
with filter mat M2 800 HG050080000
with filter mat M2 1000 HG050100000
with filter mat M2 1200 HG050120000
with brush strip M2 600 HG070060000
with brush strip M2 800 HG070080000
with brush strip M2 1000 HG070100000
with brush strip M2 1200 HG070120000
for FL21 cable entry M2 600 HG080060000
for FL21 cable entry M2 800 HG080080000
for FL21 cable entry M2 1000 HG080100000
for FL21 cable entry M2 1200 HG080120000
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