Filtering fans

Fans with filter mat, delivered together with air entry raster. Filter mat exchangeable according to pollution. Ventilation kit is easily mounted, quiet and resistant to pollution and water. There is an option to deliver fans as equipment for enclosures with electromagnetic protection EMC. Fans in RAL7035.

Scope of delivery: fan with an assembly kit.


Width (mm) 148,5 204 255 323
Height (mm) 148,5 204 255 323
Depth (mm) 10,5 12,5
Housing depth (mm)  57 82,5 88 77 125 145
Mounting opening width/height
124/124 177/177 224/224 292/292
Free air-flow efficiency  50m3/h  100m3/h 150m3/h 220m3/h 510m3/h 710m3/h
One inlet filter air-flow efficiency  43 80 135 190 450 -
One inlet and outlet filter air-flow efficiency  38 66 85 160 370 530
Maximum nominal current 120mA 190mA 300mA 660mA
Power-supply voltage  230 VAC
Power 15W 23W 35W 65W 156W
Noise 42dB(A) 46dB(A) 56dB(A) 59dB(A) 75dB(A)
Level Protection IP43 - IP44 - IP54
Temperature -10/+70oC -10/+55oC
Catalogue number KA210005 KA210010 KA210015 KA210022 KA210051 KA21007
Replaceable filtering mat KA219005 KA219010 KA219020 KA219050
Closing thermostat KA100010


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