Masking panels 19’’

Masking panels 19’’ used for housing spare space, mounted without tools. Made of sheet steel of 1,5 mm thickness, painted in RAL7035 or RAL9005.

Scope of delivery: panel with an assembly kit.

Dostępne warianty

Distance Height Assembling width Colour Catalogue number
Metric 50 mm 19" RAL7035 NG180605
Metric 100 mm 19" RAL7035 NG180610
Metric 150 mm 19" RAL7035 NG180615
Metric 300 mm 19" RAL7035 NG180630
Metric 450 mm 19" RAL7035 NG180645
Metric 600 mm 19" RAL7035 NG180660
Inch 1U 19" RAL7035 NA181001
Inch 2U 19" RAL7035 NA181002
Inch 3U 19" RAL7035 NA181003
Inch 3U 19" RAL7035 NA181004
Inch 4U 19" RAL7035 NA181005
Inch 6U 19" RAL7035 NA181006
Inch 7U 19" RAL7035 NA181007
Inch 8U 19" RAL7035 NA181008
Inch 9U 19" RAL7035 NA181009
Inch 10U 19" RAL7035 NA181010
Inch 12U 19" RAL7035 NA181012
Inch 14U 19" RAL7035 NA181014
Inch 16U 19" RAL7035 NA181016
Inch 24U 19" RAL7035 NA181024
Inch 1U 19" RAL9005 NA186001
Inch 2U 19" RAL9005 NA186002
Inch 3U 19" RAL9005 NA186003
Inch 3U 19" RAL9005 NA186004
Inch 4U 19" RAL9005 NA186005
Inch 6U 19" RAL9005 NA186006
Inch 7U 19" RAL9005 NA186007
Inch 8U 19" RAL9005 NA186008
Inch 9U 19" RAL9005 NA186009
Inch 10U 19" RAL9005 NA186010
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