Microprocessor controller

Fan controller designed by Agmar SA is a totally independent device which regulates the temperature inside the telecommunication, server and enclosures for power industry. The controller with PWM enables to signalize fans’ damage. Fan speed is defined by the temperature (oC).
It enables to regulate the temperature up to 25oC together with a freely selected loop of hysteresis.
The controller allows an alarm  signalization due to two relays type NO/NC (selection of NO/NC is configurable in accordance with the customer’s needs). The relay  number 1 signalizes fan’s failure (up to 6 operated fans), whereas the relay number 2 alerts about exceeding of required temperature range and of temperature sensor damage. The communication with the controller is possible by using a serial port RS232. The controller is supplied by the voltage of 12- 60VDC.

Scope of delivery: controller with a digital temperature sensor that operates the fans, thermostat fitted in.

Dostępne warianty

Controller version Catalogue number
19" RA010000001
board one RA010000002
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