Roof module

   Roof module of the Isle of Cold was made as a metal frame with polycarbonate windows. The windows are mounted using magnets.

In the middle of the roof construction there is a tray with rubber ductings. Thus, there is a possibility to insert additional installations inside the enclosure such as: environmental monitoring system, system of smoke detecting and many others. The window which is mounted by magnets allows easy access to the enclosure’s roof or to the mounted cable trays. Polycarbonate filling guarantees better light transmittance, stability, construction lightness and the safety of using.

We offer roof modules for enclosures of 300 mm, 600 mm and 800 mm wide in options:

Corridor width – 1000 mm lub 1200 mm,
Housing height – 50 mm lub 240 mm.

Dostępne warianty

Element Colour Catalogue number
Flat Roof Module RAL7035 NG11030N
Flat Roof Module RAL9005 NG21030N
Flat Roof Module RAL7035 NG11230N
Flat Roof Module RAL9005 NG21230N
Flat Roof Module RAL7035 NG11060N
Flat Roof Module RAL9005 NG21060N
Flat Roof Module RAL7035 NG11260N
Flat Roof Module RAL9005 NG21260N
Flat Roof Module RAL7035 NG11080N
Flat Roof Module RAL9005 NG21080N
Flat Roof Module RAL7035 NG11280N
Flat Roof Module RAL9005 NG21280N
High Roof Module RAL7035 NG11030W
High Roof Module RAL9005 NG21030W
High Roof Module RAL7035 NG11230W
High Roof Module RAL9005 NG21230W
High Roof Module RAL7035 NG11060W
High Roof Module RAL9005 NG21060W
High Roof Module RAL7035 NG11260W
High Roof Module RAL9005 NG21260W
High Roof Module RAL7035 NG11080W
High Roof Module RAL9005 NG21080W
High Roof Module RAL7035 NG11280W
High Roof Module RAL9005 NG21280W
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