The Isle of Cold

   Growing productivity of servers contributes to the increase of heat dissipation in server rooms. Using conventional precise air-conditioning is in some cases insufficient or uneconomical. The most frequent problem is called “hot spots” which are the areas of higher temperature, located near the IT equipment with a lot of devices (for example blade type servers). The improvement of cooling conditions is achieved by separation of cool and hot areas. This solution limits uncontrollable mixture of hot air, that comes from IT devices with cold air which comes from the air-conditioners. We achieve further increase of effectiveness by limiting cubature of cold zones. It means housing-up the corridor in “The Isle of Cold”. This kind of solution improves the effectiveness of air conditioning and reduces the costs of server room’s maintenance.

In the corridor of cold we used cold air is emitted by air conditioners, which are placed under the technological floor or conditioners located between enclosures fitted in the corridor system. We offer standard solutions of the Isle of Cold in various dimensions, in order to meet with customers needs. Configuration of corridor result from the height of the isle and width. The height of the housing development is available as “Low” (the corridor’s height is equal to enclosure’s height) and as “High” (the corridor’s height is higher 240 mm than enclosure’s height). The corridor’s width is accessible in two alternative designs: 1000 mm or 1200 mm. There is also a possibility of designing non typical enclosures of the Isle of Cold. Special solutions are offered individually.

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