Wall mounted enclosure STU configuration B

Enclosure’s body: roof-bottom enclosure’s body packed flat; in the roof plate there are 2 blanked holes adopted to fans’ installation

Front door: glazed with a single-point locking; patent lock insert

Side wall: mounted without tools, with side perforation

Rear wall: solid steel, has holes for mounting on the wall

Rear panel: for mounting on the wall, maximum enclosure’s opening angle - 120o

Internal equipment: two vertical rails for mounting 19’’ devices

Dostępne warianty

Enclosure's height (mm) Enclosure's width (mm) Enclosure's depth (mm) Colour Catalogue number
346 572 600 RAL7035 NW206066
479 572 600 RAL7035 NW206096
612 572 600 RAL7035 NW206126
835 572 600 RAL7035 NW206176
346 572 600 RAL9005 NW256066
479 572 600 RAL9005 NW256096
612 572 600 RAL9005 NW256126
835 572 600 RAL9005 NW256176
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