We would like to invite you to take advantage of our counseling  and training service. We have got all tools and  resources which are essential to offer the best solution.  We guarantee our customers an easy access to our knowledge, which is based on the gained experience and constantly expanded due to a wide range of experiments and tests carried out on our own or by examining units. We are willing to share our experience and to give advice. It leads to the improvement of the organization and helps to balance expenses and maximize the effectiveness of solution at the same time.


Counsouling service in technical issues is given by well-qualified experts, who create our team. It includes:

  1. Training and help in selecting components for the enclosure.
  2. Counseling in selecting efficient cooling systems.
  3. Help in preparing an appropriate project.
  4. Counseling in order to optimize costs of prefabrication, mounting and installation of enclosures.


In order to get further information please contact with our Sales Department.

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