Projects of Outdoor Enclosures


Agmar is a dependable partner regarding supervising of the whole project. We project and deliver fully-equipped products, that are consisted of carefully and appropriately selected elements. We are responsible for mounting them, so we take responsibility for the quality and functionality of full solution and all components separately as well. We also help to modernize the existing enclosures. Thanks to wide portfolio and experience, gained during last years, our customers are sure to receive well-made works in planned budget and time.


Our team will prepare an optimal solution insisting on providing appropriate environmental conditions for inside devices, power supply, safety and many other required criteria. Before we start the project we prefer close cooperation with our customer. It helps to find out all the requirements regarding current and further needs. What is more, the customer may contact with our engineer at every stage of the project directly. He will explain technical issues and answer all the questions.


Main stages of doing a project:

  1. Counseling with the customer and preparing the requirements.
  2. Preparing documentation.
  3. Making a prototype.
  4. Tests and experiments.
  5. Serial production.
  6. Installation works.
  7. Protocols.
  8. Warranty service.


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