Service and repairing


We realize the importance to keep the functionality of devices at the high level, so our team, which consists of qualified specialists, offers complex and fast service. We take care of quick and effective accomplishing of all works in order to bring the efficiency of the devices back and to assure their reliability and safety of exploitation. We react to every enquiry, so we guarantee professional service given by our specialists. We provide components which are necessary to bring the functionality of devices back.


Our specialists have got a professional service base and they offer for example.:

  • Periodic and warranty service
  • Conservation works of enclosures and components
  • Analysis of cooling systems’ efficiency
  • Modernizing of existing enclosures and systems
  • Current repairs due to faults and failures


We have signed many individual contracts of service that guarantee complex support. There are many benefits from such solution e. g. prolonged warranty period, availability of spare parts that are on stock and quick reaction to lodged failure (in specific situation up to 6 hours).

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